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Cute Girl From English 4/14



one time i ran my fingers across my favorite indentation on your lower back, in the center, and i told you that i could keep my hands there forever. you told me that you had scoliosis.

the thing is that i am only good on paper.

every wednesday i take the 9:18 train to ardmore and i wake up before you so that i can practice holding in the vomit.
this time last year i would wake up sweating in a panic four times a night and this time last year i let people lead me to believe that this was the only thing that made me interesting.

the thing is that i identify so strongly with the mantras of lethargy that i cannot stop myself from repeating them until anything but laying in bed seems daunting.


- self worth, as defined by how many deep breaths i took last week (via fakethewayiholdyou)


(when i wake up), 2013
a short stop motion film about starting over


static cling, 2013
a short film about growing apart
done in collaboration with jackie papanier

(via annamakesthings)


my first published poem!