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Anonymous said: Are the poetry books still available that you made?? I can't find them anywhere!

i actually don’t have any poem books?! :(

i’ve got two zines up on and the second has all poems/pictures from last winter and if you’re talking about the picture where i’m holding an actual book with my poem in it, that’s my school’s litmag so i only have that one poem in it

round valley reservoir, 2014

shot on expired 35mm infrared film

Anonymous said: im the same anon who asked if u edit and yes i would love it soooo much if u could do a tutorial !

ok! give me a few days because i’m really busy this weekend but i will have something for you by next week :)

Anonymous said: Why do you move so much?

i lived in the same house for 18 years and then the last 2 i’ve been all over the fucking place haha its pretty much because of school though


i’ve been working on a full length spoken word record and this is the first demo! you can download it on bandcamp.

blisters i-iii

i. when i said hello to my new neighbors in my new apartment,
they ignored my wave and told me they were moving out august fifth.
what they were saying was: spare me the small talk.
what they were saying was: have fun with the mice.

ii. i sleep in the den at the bottom of a spiral staircase.
the mice live in the vent above it.
they are not welcoming but they welcome us home,
like my laundry-and-christmas scented candle collection,
a habit that i picked up from my mother.
i am replicating her home
with the brand name aluminum foil
the fancy smoothie maker
the pseudo-modern prints from target.
i am making a copy of the home that i stayed in the longest.
i am making this phony attempt at adulthood up as i live through it

iii. there are blisters on my fucking ankles from walking up the parkway in new shoes
or maybe they are there because i can’t figure out how to stay in one spot long enough for them to heal.
i can’t figure out why i become a different person in every place i live but i think i have finally
found myself somewhere that screams
take off your shoes
take off my shirt

and stay a while.


round valley reservoir, 2014

Anonymous said: well i suck at figuring out lighting and those pictures you just took from camping look great! mine never quite look like that lol

thank you :) are you shooting in raw? it gives you a lot more room to mess with the shadows and highlights because it isn’t a processed picture file so you have more control over the way the final image looks